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盧敬燊 Kingsan LO


Contemporary Dance Teacher

  • 自由身舞蹈員、當代舞導師及編舞

  • 畢業於倫敦當代舞蹈學校(碩士)

  • 畢業於香港演藝學院 (現代舞)​


  • Freelance Dancer, Contemporary Dance Teacher, and Choreographer

  • Graduated from the London Contemporary Dance School (Master Degree)

  • Graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Contemporary Dance)

A-Ballet_Kingsan Lo_Headshot

King is a professionally trained versatile artist specialised in body movement and energy harmonisation. Graduated in Contemporary dance from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and later received his Master degree from the London Contemporary Dance School, equipped him with a thorough and profound understanding in movements and expressions. His enthusiasm attracts great teachers and masters to share the Ancient Eastern wisdom and techniques with him. The opportunity of understanding Qi Gong and Wing Chun provides inspiration for King’s choreography art and the one-of-his-kind self exploration and discovery techniques.King believes that through his tailor-made move sets and mindfulness techniques, we would discover key of being centered and balanced that will lead to huge benefit to our mental and physical health, thus he had devoted his practice in personal discovery of one’s own body through movement and mindfulness.

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